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Beautiful House

Yafe means “beautiful" in Hebrew. Yafe House is a space where women tangibly experience freedom in every sense of the word. Where once they were captive to someone else’s desires, they are now empowered to stand firm and walk in liberty. It’s a beautiful thing to see.


Our products are all handmade using high-quality, traditional hand-block printed fabrics from Jaipur.

Each woman puts her personal touch and flair into the final product so you know you are purchasing something that played a part in the artisan’s professional development and personal healing journey.


Yafe House _ _ _

Our ethical values:


We honor and respect each other at all times.

Deep Connection

We experience the Creator’s love and extend His love to others.


We believe there is hope for everyone.


We commit to learning as a lifelong process.


We care about each other and the environment’s wellbeing.

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